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Expert Physiotherapy Services In Cambridge.

Helping you Live WellLive Better

Expert Physiotherapy Services In Cambridge.

Living Without Pain

Expert Physiotherapy Services In Cambridge.

One Life, One Body

Expert Physiotherapy Services In Cambridge.

Understand The Problem,
Understand The Solutions

Expert Physiotherapy Services In Cambridge.

Inspiring You To Thrive

We understand that being in pain stops you from doing the things you want to do and represents a threat to your future. Not only will we give you a diagnosis and a treatment plan but we will help you to understand why your problem happened in the first place, the solutions to getting it fixed and the tools to getting on with living better.

The 3 Phases Of Physio


Restore range & quality of movement

We use a variety of physiotherapy techniques to recover the range and quality of movement to the affected areas.


Get it stronger

We will create a bespoke exercise program designed specifically for you
and your injury to achieve your goals.


Prevent it from happening again

This is what makes us different. We work with you to discover the lifestyle issues that contributed to the problem in the first place and help you identify solutions to prevent it from happening again.


for Back Pain

Sports Injury

Trigger Point Needling
& Acupuncture


Virtual online

What We Treat

Back and Neck Pain

80% of people get back pain at some stage in their lives. The causes and solutions are varied and there isn’t one solution to fit all. At Spinal physio we have years of experience and successfully helped thousands of people.  

Tendon Problems

From overload to under use or as a result of inflammatory disease, Tendon pain can really interfere with your quality of life. At Spinalphysio we use the latest evidence to rehabilitate you and get you back to doing what you love.

Joint Pain

As we live longer it is essential to preserve our joints to prevent early joint replacement. We can help you keep your joints healthy and strong and manage existing wear and tear. We can also help you prepare for and recover from joint replacement surgery.  

Sports Injuries

With years of experience across a variety of sports from professional athletes at international level to recreational weekend warriors our Physiotherapists have seen it all and can treat you like an Olympic athlete regardless of your level of fitness.


Problems with the upper portion of the neck contribute to severe frequent headaches with symptoms including brain fog, poor concentration, irritability and pain. We can help identify if this is contributing to your headache and if so, treat it.

Peristant Pain

At least a third of people experience persistent pain following injury, illness or surgery. Persistent pain is a threat to your wellbeing and prevents you from doing the things you find fulfilling. We are particularly interested in this area and can help you re-calibrate your pain system to an appropriate level so you no longer have to live in fear of pain and it’s consequences.


Meet the Team


Kevin Hunt

Principal Physiotherapist

Kevin set up the clinic in 2004. He has a Masters Degree in Sports Medicine which he has put to good use working at 2 Olympic Games and a host of professional sports at National and International level. He has a particular interest in persistent back and neck pain.

Charles Smith Senior physio at Spinalphysio

Charles Smith

Chartered Physiotherapist

Charles graduated from St. George’s University of London and has spent 7 years working in both the National Health Service and private practice.

Over the last 5 years Charles has focused on musculoskeletal practice including post-operative cases, sports rehabilitation and day to day musculoskeletal complaints.

Fiona West Practice Manager Spinalphysio Cambridge

Fiona West

Practice Administrator

Fiona is our friendly and efficient practice administrator. Fiona will answer any questions you may have about attending the clinic and making appointments.

What Our Clients Say

Here are some of the things patients have had to say about our clinic and are happy for us to share with you.

"Absolutely consistently superb over a long period of time for both my husband and I."


"Fantastic facility and staff and therapist were amazing. Friendly and tailored treatment to your needs. Would highly recommend."

Katie Johnson

"Excellent service, very friendly and understanding, would definitely recommend."

Helga Lawrence

"I have recommended your practice to several friends and they have all received good treatments and made a recovery, I believe the practice gives good practical advice and does not encourage more appointments than what is needed – thank you."


"Service is so good, if I need to know anything I know I can just call. Kevin is just wonderful! The understanding I got and the advice on how to deal with Persistent Pain Syndrome was excellent and could not have been better. Just a big thank you Kevin (and Fiona on reception)."


"Brilliant attention to detail Great diagnosis and explanation. Really useful plan and followed up as promised."


"A very well run and professional practice. Always a very thorough diagnosis, explanation and treatment. Love receiving the newsletter! A great service already - from my perspective! Friendly, welcoming, efficient in terms of listening and understanding client perspective and concerns."


"Did really well at explaining my treatment plan and giving me additional information to manage my injury and welfare into the future, Thanks, a great service!"


"I always received a warm welcome and the treatment has been a revelation. I was very satisfied with the explanation and with the encouragement I received to follow the treatment plan. I now have my issues and pain under control. It’s amazing. Kevin’s explanation of what I was actually dealing with and how to manage it was a revelation. I am in a very different and improved place now. When I needed to I was able to contact him via email and he answered a few additional queries. I make a 4 hour round trip for this treatment which says it all."


"Just a quick note to say thanks for taking the time to see me the other day. Most impressed. You're actually the first person out of all Physios, GP's and Consultant I've seen who's managed to clearly explain what happened and how to deal with it. That, in itself, is a great help."

Dave H.

"I have had back problems for 15 years and have seen a number of people over the years who never really seemed to solve the problem. Before I came to Spinalphysio I thought it would be just another place that treated backs. It is much more than that. They exceeded my expectations. A very happy customer."

Mark B.

"Thank you for watching my children while I had my treatment. It meant that I could do my whole course of treatment rather than only do one or two appointments."

Survey response

"I was told the treatment plan at the clinic, and details were emailed to me, which was very helpful, All was excellent. Kevin listened to me, and clearly explained the situation, possibilities, and the treatment. He left me feeling confident and positive. I was very happy with how I was treated. This was the second issue that Spinal Physio have dealt with and I was pleased both times. Thank you."


"Service could not have been better!"


"Keep up the excellent work! I am a very happy patient!"


"Good analysis, friendly treatment, no hard sell."


"Good interpersonal skills, gentle, kind and reassuring, Kevin was confident in his skills which confidence he passed to me, he did an excellent job – it almost makes me want to have sciatica again!"


"Always sympathetic, caring, and thorough in his examination and assessment!"


"Very friendly and welcoming I’m completely satisfied so can’t think how you might improve Very clear initial assessment and explanation of the course of treatment planned. Actual treatment effective from the first session, with a running commentary of what’s being done and why, enabling a relatively swift recovery in the circumstances."


"Superb, it was spot on, keep it up!"


"Friendly and respectful - and totally sorted my problem. Keep it up."

Survey response

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