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Keeping our community healthier

The Spinal Physiotherapy & Sports Medicine Clinic has been serving patients in the Cambridge area since 2004. Our team of Physiotherapists are highly skilled medical professionals who deeply value your health and wellbeing. We take great pride in providing our community with high quality, patient-centric care and health education.

Proactive and preventative measures help keep our community healthier.


79% of our patients are fully better within 4.41 sessions.

We appreciate that going privately for your treatment can be a significant decision, therefore we publish our performance statistics to help you understand what to expect and what we do.


Every patient gets the opportunity to complete an anonymous online survey about their experience at the clinic. We update this information every month and present the results over the last 12 months.

Survey Results


Here are some of the things patients have had to say about our clinic and are happy for us to share with you.

"Everyone was friendly and professional, and I felt that the staff were knowledgeable, and cared about their patients. I liked having a detailed explanation of the diagnosis, since it made it easier to understand how to treat it. I especially appreciate the extra effort in making sure I understood the exercises properly."

Survey Response

"After seeking various treatments for nearly two years, the treatment at spinal physio was the first time I really felt someone knew how to tackle the issue. Very clear and logically explained. Very frank and direct regarding the treatment and recovery which I greatly appreciated."

Survey Response

"Just a quick note to say thanks for taking the time to see me the other day. Most impressed. You're actually the first person out of all Physios, GP's and Consultant I've seen who's managed to clearly explain what happened and how to deal with it. That, in itself, is a great help"

Dave H.

"I am 75 years old & I have been to several Physiotherapists throughout my life. I had a torn Cartilage in my right knee and was in great pain. Mr Hunt came to my rescue. Mr Hunt , not to be dramatic, saved my life. He is amazing. He explained every part of my treatment carefully to me . I am now pain free. Mr Kevin Hunt is wonderful and I cannot praise him enough. Thank you Mr Hunt."

Mrs Jean-Ann Bartlett

"Kevin was very professional in his approach; he is helpful and understanding. He taught me a lot about my back, my body and especially pain (and the experience of pain). He reassured me that my back pain was not due to some kind of mechanical glitch and that structurally, everything was alright by assessing my range of motion. This motivated me to resume exercise and focus on recovery and regaining physical strength."

Survey Response

"I was extremely happy. Treatment was excellent, your receptionist is delightful and extremely efficient, and the premises are spotless and welcoming."

Survey Response

"Kevin is outstanding. Extremely clever at diagnosis and treatment. He instils great confidence and is hugely motivating. He also has a brilliant sense of humour! I have recommended him to numerous friends."

Survey Response

"Friendly and respectful - and totally sorted my problem. Keep it up."

Survey Response

"My Physiotherapist Kevin has been highly professional, very kind and down to earth. I received excellent treatment, clear and detailed explanation of the condition I got. The receptionist was also very kind and has excellent communication skills. Overall I am happy that I chose this clinic for treatment and I would definitely recommend this clinic to everyone."

Survey Response

"I have had back problems for 15 years and have seen a number of people over the years who never really seemed to solve the problem. Before I came to Spinalphysio I thought it would be just another place that treated backs. It is much more than that. They exceeded my expectations. A very happy customer."

Mark B.

"Prompt booking, great reception with capable staff and a wonderful physiotherapist. I also appreciated both the email and SMS reminders of my appointment time and date"

Survey Response

"Thank you for watching my children while I had my treatment. It meant that I could do my whole course of treatment rather than only do one or two appointments."

Survey Response