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by | Mar 26, 2020 | Health, Physiotherapy, Wellbeing

It is most likely that it will be some time before we will be able to offer a normal face to face physiotherapy service but that doesn’t mean you can’t access our help and expertise. So what can you expect from a remote consultation?

Here’s how it works.

Subjective assessment: We will spend 5-8 minutes asking you questions about your past medical history and general health to get an idea of what you are usually like and screen you for certain medical issues that could influence your diagnosis. We will then talk about the particular issue you are concerned about. This will include things like the mechanism of injury, symptoms, aggravating factors, easing factors and any self management techniques you’ve tried so far.

Objective assessment: We will ask you to go through a series of movements and observe range of movement, quality of movement and control. As physios we have a particularly keen eye for this kind of thing and can gather a lot of valuable information from just seeing you move. If necessary we will ask you to carry out some simple tests that we will be able to direct you with.

Diagnostic opinion: We will then discuss the likely diagnosis and differential diagnosis and why we have come to that conclusion using pictures and anatomy models to make things clear for you to understand.

Advice: We will talk you through proactive steps you can take to help manage the problem. This might include advice on postures, positions and activities to avoid, exercises you should be doing, ice or heat and how long and where as well as what signs and symptoms to look out for that are normal and something that would require further investigation.

Prescriptive exercises: After the consultation we will send you an appropriate exercise program straight to your inbox with easy to understand explanations, picture &/or video examples and how many sets and reps you should do of each exercise.

Further action: If you fit one of the very limited criteria as defined by Public Health England that require a face to face appointment at this time, we will arrange one of these for you. If necessary we will write to your GP if we feel you need additional help with pain relief or perhaps imaging such as X-ray or Ultrasound. We can also arrange MRI scans, however these are usually not required in most instances.

Follow up: If suitable we can arrange a follow up consultation to progress your rehabilitation and update advice and your exercise prescription accordingly.


How do you go about arranging an online consultation?

It’s very simple,

Call us on 01223 350622 or Book Online

Make sure we have your correct email address and phone number.

You will be booked in for a 30 minute appointment.

We will email you Zoom meeting details for the appointment. If you prefer to use Skype please let us know and make sure we have your correct Skype I.D.

We will call you at your allotted time for your consultation.

Following the call we will ask for card payment over the call or you can pay in advance via with your name and appointment time as a reference.

We will not record the consultations or store any payment information. See our privacy policy for more information.

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